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Guilherme pucci

Guilherme Pucci is graduated in architecture and urbanism in São Paulo - Brazil, he also studied for one year at UNIFI in Florence. Photography was his gateway to art, still its main support, despite not being its ultimate form. His research places the material as the protagonist telling stories that it was witness or an active part. Also speak about the human being's power to interfere on planet earth, speaking about cities and great infrastructures always relating to significant themes as zeitgeist and locus solus.

Finally, it deals with the relations of individuality and freedom as the main resource of our lives.

His projects were selected in fairs in Brazil and Switzerland, and have already been exhibited in several places in Brazil.

In 2019 he was selected for the 3rd season of the show “Arte na Fotografia” with the mentorship of Claudio Feijó and Eder Chiodetto, of which he was runner-up.

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