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Sweet Potato Toys

Camote Toys (Argentina)

"History is a need of humanity - the need that each human group experiences to seek and give value in the past to the facts and events that point to the present time, that allow us to understand it and that help to live it."

Lucien Febvre


Neozapoteca is interested in archaeological contexts and the evidence of trades and activities within the pre-Hispanic Zapotec culture, generating a dialogue that crosses times where extended narratives are proposed from “new” social reinterpretations acquired in the current globalized context.


Camote Toys' work in Oaxaca is the result of a practice based on the investigation of ancestral traditions, heritage and materials; on this occasion he took ceramics as a key trigger in history, a material loaded with time, a measure of progress in society and as a resource that requires natural elements for its transformation.

* Each of the pieces was made with clay from different communities in Oaxaca and local techniques.

We thank the master potters for their valuable collaboration in making these pieces.

Mtro. Fidel Martinez

Artist Isabel Sánchez

Prof. Rosary cross

Mtro. Adrián Martínez Alarzon  

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