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We work from calls to schedule residencies every six months. We make two calls a year (Feb-Jun, approximately).



The residence is made up of the house-study and the workshop-gallery space. Each one is located in different environments which we believe are favorable for practices and research.

We think Oaxaca as a trigger for ideas, so the workshop is located in the commercial area of ​​the historic center, while the house is on the outskirts in a semi-rural town in which the conventional tourist community model is displaced.


We are an independent space dedicated to contemporary art and current design practices. Our scholarship system starts from launching a public call for national artists granting one scholarship per year, which covers the expenses of the program (housing, broadcasting, consulting, exhibition) we do not grant cash for proposals to develop or materials.

We suggest applying to other financing for production and / or per diem causes.

At the moment we cannot finance projects by international artists, since we do not have public or private support that can solve this practice. Within our experience we have worked with various artists who have been beneficiaries with supports from their country to whom we send invitation letters and reasons for accessing these resources.


We bet on visits to communities focused on crafts and local artist workshops that may be of interest to residents.

We collaborate in workshops of artisans to carry out practices in case the artist requires in their research, we emphasize that an artisan's workshop is NOT like an artist's workshop, an artisans' workshop is usually an extension of their home, where their family lives. and their daily life, no less professional, on the contrary, is a window to a whole social worldview. In this way we want to ask those interested in working in these spaces respect, availability and kindness towards artisans and openness to the knowledge they can acquire there.

We are sure that learning from people who have dedicated themselves for generations to artisan work is an incomparable experience.

The costs generated by working-learning in the workshops are covered by the interested artist, they go directly to the families of master craftsmen and are symbolic, not excessive, supports.


As a space we do everything in our hands so that projects are carried out in the best way, but meeting all expectations does not always occur due to time or external circumstances, keep in mind that we are a space that focuses on open processes not Finite in residence time, we ask to be open to new possibilities of solution to your projects.


The last Friday of residence we do the open study with the research processes of the artists of the month.

With this we want to point out:

The open studio is collective with the artists in progress.

It is not an exhibition, it is a sample of processes, as a space we have special interest in open processes. He considers that completing a project in 25 days is complex (not impossible) but we prefer that they think of the residence as a point of perception.

Open studies have a maximum duration of 4 days.

The program is designed to have 3 artists per month, on some occasions we have worked with only one artist, which does not affect or affect the development of the program, given that we have a schedule of outings, meetings, parties and production time. It is a remote case that occurs but we prefer to consider it.

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