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Gia castello

Gia Catello (Ecuador)

"Yararasita Yaguaretesa is a wood carving that illustrates my tona and my nahual. This piece is a tribute to my friends, with whom we constantly rethink our political, consumer, work, sex-affective, academic, economic and coexistence with the environment practices. , in order to escape the capitalist, individualist, and neoliberal logic of the context in which we live.  


In a month during the Estudio A residency, and with the generous mentoring of the Xuana family in San Martín de Tilcajete, I managed to materialize that search in community, in this piece where, in addition to learning about the trade and technique, I was able to explore the exchange of ideas, cosmovision and attentive listening to the ways of interacting with our artistic productions in our different contexts. "

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