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Juan Carlos Guerrerosantos


Juan Carlos Guerrerosantos (Guadalajara)

"Behind the plane there is a mountain"

Division, union,  empty , full: gestures to arm or disarm. Times are constantly being armed and disarmed, some of them remain unfinished. Currently everything seems to be crumbling, but at the same time another entity is being built, after the isolation that divides us, but also unified in different ways, is the exterior. I wonder if I will be able to catch the sun again with the corner of my vision? It must be recognized that within our space there is a window, a door, an entrance, but also an exit. The fact of the outside complements us, go out to explore, learn, teach, discover. Faced with the threat of losing our lives due to a virus that leads to a disease, we desperately wait for captives, with the constant question of when we will be able to experience the outside again, without really appreciating the inside. We are born with our interior, our thinking and being. The outside has always been there, and always will be. There is a permanent duality. The interior protects us, allows us to generate introspectives and be with the people we love the most, a refuge. The meeting of balance between both: interior and exterior gives us a preparation for times like these. People who are abroad all the time may have difficulty recognizing "home" and family, while people who are in a comfort zone all the time, in their "refuge" will have difficulty seeing the mountain and go out to explore to find a "paradise", enjoy in company or even with oneself.


Art residencies grant different kinds of encounters, I am grateful to be able to experience the displacement of time that gives life, calm and the change of issues that when doing accounts are complemented in each residence and are searches.  The results do not reach the "end" of the residency if we want to call it that, some may not have an end, and others continue. Here the sample of what the practice of experience leaves to experience and knowing that behind the plane there is a mountain.  

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