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Alex and Mushi



Is a full-time collaboration formed by two individual artists: Alex Nichols & Mushi Wooseong James. Using languages art systems to isolate different forms of verbal and nonverbal across multiple cultures they examine the  the  connection.unifying  core  forms  of  communication and connection.

Alex was born in San Francisco and has a BA degree in Performance & Culture and an MFA in Creative Writing. Mushi was born in Seoul was educated in England from Secondary school. I have  has a degree in BSc Anthropology from London. They have exhibited together since 2016 in the  US, Asia, and Europe. They are the recipients of artist residencies in San Francisco and Taiwan,  have guest lectured in the US and Asia, and are the Executive Director and Co-Director of THINK MAKE TANK Artist Collective, an organization dedicated to building a community around  collaboration, experimentation, and improvisation.

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